Check out diet foods that cannot be eaten on an empty stomach


Check out diet foods that cannot be eaten on an empty stomach

The following ten kinds of foods are of course favored by slimming beauty, and empty stomach consumption is extremely irritating to human health.

hzh {display: none; }  一、牛奶、豆浆   这两种食品中含有大量的蛋白质,空肚饮用,蛋白质将“被迫”转化为热能耗损掉,起不到营养滋补用途。The correct alternative is to eat with flour-containing foods such as snacks, cakes, or two hours after a meal, or to drink before going to bed.

  Second, yogurt fasting yogurt, increase the use of yogurt for health, and two hours after meals, or drink before going to bed, both nourishing health care, promote digestion, and have a laxative use.

  Third, the tea empty stomach to eat tea products can replace gastric juice, reduce digestive function, will soon cause “tea drunk”, presented as palpitation, dizziness, headache, fatigue, almost unstable.

  Fourth, sugar sugar is a food that is easily digested and received. The empty stomach is full of sugar. The human body can not secrete enough insulin to maintain the normal value of blood sugar in a short period of time, so that the blood sugar in the blood suddenly rises easily to cause eye diseases.

Moreover, sugar is an acidic food. Eating sugar in an empty stomach will crush the acid-base balance in the body and balance the various microorganisms, and it will be healthy and suffocating.

  Five, persimmons, tomatoes have oxidized pectin, tannic acid, the above substances and gastric acid chemical reaction is difficult to dissolve in the gel, easy to form stomach stones.

  Sixth, there are decomposed magnesium elements in banana bananas. The magnesium in the human body that eats bananas suddenly rises and smashes the balance of magnesium and calcium in human blood, inhibits cardiovascular construction, and suffocates in good health.

  Seven, hawthorn, orange contains a lot of organic acids, fruit acids, behenic acid, citric acid, etc., fasting, causing a sharp increase in gastric acid, causing bad stimulation to the gastric mucosa, making the stomach full, suffocating, vomiting acid water.

  Eight, garlic garlic contains a strong spicy flavor of allicin, empty stomach garlic, transforming the gastric mucosa, causing strong stimulation of the intestinal wall, causing inappropriate inhibition, colic.

  Nine, sweet potato and sweet potato contain tannins and colloids, which will stimulate the stomach wall to secrete more stomach acid, causing discomfort such as heartburn.

  Ten, cold drink empty stomach state of the classification of frozen foods, will stimulate the metabolism of shrinkage, long-term will cause various types of enzymatic chemical reaction disorders, induced gastrointestinal diseases.

In the female menstrual era, there will be riots in menstruation.