The elderly are easy to eat osteoporosis and bone food

The elderly are easy to eat osteoporosis and bone food

Osteopathy is the most common cause of the elderly, because the bones will also reverse the age of the person’s age gradually degenerate and wear, so some protection should be carried out before the bone ages, delaying its degradation.

Whether it is health or treatment, diet is a top priority. How can diet improve osteoporosis in the elderly?

  Three big calcium supplement foods want good bones, you must make up calcium.

Milk is the best source of calcium.

Therefore, the elderly must develop the habit of drinking a cup of milk every day.

  Nuts and seeds are a very beneficial food for bone health because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

The proper consumption of nuts by the elderly can supplement the body with calcium and also prevent the loss of calcium in the body, which is very beneficial for building strong bones.

  Bean soy products are also rich in calcium and also contain isoflavones.

New research shows that botanical mineral isoflavones can also increase bone density.

The isoflavones in soy products produce a similar hormonal effect in the body, which can prevent middle-aged women from suffering from orthopedic diseases.

  It is very common for the elderly to suffer from osteoporosis, so don’t worry about discarding, and don’t take care of the health care products to achieve the therapeutic effect.

The best way to improve osteoporosis is to focus on the daily diet. Avoid eating pickles and pickled products. The amount of salt must be decomposed and controlled. Do not exceed 5 grams per day.

Alcohol has the effect of resisting osteoblasts, and smoking can accelerate the absorption of bone, so the elderly try to quit smoking.

  Some elderly people do not want to move because of osteoporosis.

Proper exercise can regulate bone growth or prevent bone loss due to inactivity.

Usually do some light exercise, sweating, but also improve the blood supply to the bones, speed up the body’s blood circulation, and restore the body’s toxins.

But the old man’s movement can’t be too once, quiet and slow, like dancing, Tai Chi, etc. are all good choices.