Acupoint principle

Acupoint principle

Gradually massage the acupuncture points to dissolve the excess fat of your body, convert it into fatty oil, fat gas, high protein, and provide nutrient and visceral absorption, so that there is no obesity during weight loss, and at the same time consume a small amount to achieve the benefits of physical weight loss.The serious consequences of obesity have improved.

The best way to lose weight is: after a few pounds, no rebound, no wrinkles on the skin, change the measurements.

In addition, the most distinctive feature is: can be wide shoulders, wide and narrow.

The method is to shrink the shoulder, the gap between the joints of the joints, and the tissue density of the flesh and bone of the bones, so as to achieve the effect of wide bone narrowing.

  On the food, the average patient does not have a sense of obesity after acupuncture. If you eat rice, you will have a feeling of blockage, panic, nausea, bloating and other uncomfortable feelings. At this time, you can break the routine, like the shepherd grazing in the grassland, hungry and bowed.Eat a little, do not eat if you are not hungry, then consume a lot of body absorption, so that the body becomes slim.

Do not eat staple food during acupuncture, sometimes the stomach is empty, you can eat substitutes such as: fruits, vegetables, etc., you can eat or eat less fruits, “people” still have strength, work, life is correct, the mind is clear, the blood pressure is normal, and the feeling is lighter and more energetic than before. There are a considerable number of people who do not eat the staple food for more than four months while acupuncture, so it is helpful, but the patient does not have to worry about this problem.He does not have complications like drugs to lose weight, because the body’s fecal oil is converted into heat energy after acupuncture to supplement the nutrients needed in the body, so it will not cause malnutrition.