[What flour is low flour]_low flour_characteristics_nutritional value

[What flour is low flour]_low flour_characteristics_nutritional value

Many people know very little about the professional knowledge of flour. Flour is roughly divided into two types, low flour and high flour. The biggest difference between the two types of flour is the different nutrient content, specifically the protein content.What else is different?

1. High flour and low flour are high-gluten flour and low-gluten flour, that is, the protein content in the flour is different. The flour with the protein content and the dough with better elasticity, the more gluten.

High-gluten flour is defined as having a protein content of 10.


5% flour, suitable for making bread. Of course, it can also be used for noodles, dumplings, etc.

Low gluten flour means that the protein content is 6.


5 flour, suitable for making cakes or other crispy desserts, such as peach crisps, wafers, etc.

2. High gluten flour: darker in color, more active and smooth in itself, and not easy to form lumps in hand; it is more suitable for making bread, as well as part of a kind of pastry snack, a small amount of Danish pastry.

In cakes, it is mostly used in muffins (thousand layers) and cream hollow puffs (puffs).

For cakes it is limited to high-content fruit cakes.

Low gluten flour: It is white in color, which helps to grasp and easy to clump; the protein content of low gluten flour is 8 on average.

About 5%, low protein content, too much gluten, so weak, so it is more suitable for cakes, muffins, biscuits, and tart crusts that need fluffy and crispy taste.

3. Flour is made from wheat after complex processing. Under normal circumstances, various components of wheat from various countries and regions must be analyzed first, and then the flour can be properly mixed according to different proportions.Divided by the degree of gluten, it can be divided into three grades of high gluten, medium gluten, and low gluten. The protein content of flour higher than 11% is high gluten flour, the protein content of medium gluten flour is 8%, and low gluten.The protein content is 8.3%. Gluten is a highly hydrated protein. Glutenin and glutenin are the main components of gluten.

All three flours are currently on the market.