What should I do to prevent pediatric colds?

What should I do to prevent pediatric colds?

Because children are weak in resistance, it is easy to get influenza, so prevention is important.

At the same time, it is reasonable to expect that there will be no partial eclipse, picky eaters, and adequate nutrition.

When the weather changes, increase or decrease the clothes in time, try not to go to crowded public places, reduce the chance of the disease, and pay attention to indoor ventilation.

So what should I do to prevent pediatric colds?

Prevention of pediatric colds should be done, active exercise using natural factors to exercise the body is very important, such as frequent window sleep, outdoor activities and physical exercise are all positive methods, as long as perseverance, can enhance physical fitness and prevent upper respiratory tract infections.

Second, talk about hygiene to avoid the cause of infectious diseases too much dressing, room temperature is too high, too low temperature, sudden changes in the weather, environmental pollution and passive smoking, etc., are the cause of upper respiratory tract infection.

Third, avoid cross-infection and wash hands after touching the patient.

In general, child care institutions and hospitals wear gowns when necessary. Isolation not only protects neighboring children, but also reduces complications in sick children.

The ward should be ventilated and ventilated, maintain proper temperature and humidity, and disinfect the bedclothes of the patient in time to avoid the spread of the pathogen.

In the home, adult patients should avoid contact with healthy children.

Fourth, the drug prevention card slow Shu, infant 5ml, children 10ml oral, 3 times / d, 3?
6 months is a course of treatment.

Levamisole 2.

5 mg / (kg?

d), take 2 days a week, 3 months for a course of treatment.

Chinese medicine Huangqi 6 per day?
9g, even 2?
3 months.

The above drugs have the effect of improving the body’s cellular and humoral immune functions.

Repeated upper respiratory infections in children can reduce the number of repetitions.

Beijing Friendship Hospital Pediatrics used Chinese medicine to add Yupingfeng powder (form: raw scutellaria 9g, Atractylodes 6g, windproof 3g, raw oysters 9g, dried tangerine peel 6g, yam 9g, research into fine) 2 times / d, 3g each time, orally.

After 3 years of observation, it is believed that this drug seems to improve the immunity of frail children and reduce the incidence of repeated respiratory infections.

V. Injectable Vaccine Recently, the application of attenuated virus vaccine, by intranasal instillation and/or aerosol ingestion, can stimulate the secretion of secretory IgA on the mucosal surface of the nasal cavity and upper respiratory tract, thereby enhancing the defense ability of the respiratory tract against infection.

Numerous studies have indicated that secretory IgA is more effective against respiratory infections than any serum antibody.

Because of the high type of such viruses and rhinoviruses, it is difficult to prevent them with vaccines.