[How to fry semi-finished steak]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to fry semi-finished steak]_ production method _ practice Daquan

This semi-finished steak is sold on the Internet or in the supermarket. Semi-finished steak is a possibility for those who like to eat steak, because as long as the semi-finished steak is purchased and fried at home, it can be eaten as steak.

However, although semi-finished steaks provide a benefit to lazy people, when cooking semi-finished steaks, you still need to master certain skills to make the steaks more delicious.

It is best to use sunflower or rapeseed oil for fried steak. The taste of nuts is not good. Olive oil is suitable for low temperature cooking.

Fried steak materials: 3 slices of beef tenderloin, carrots, potatoes.

Practices: 1. The steak can be washed, but it is better not to wash it. Just suck the surface with kitchen paper.

2. Wash potatoes and carrots and cut them into small pieces.

3. Put potatoes and carrots in the pot and cook them, then pick them up for use.

4. Pour raw soy sauce, sugar, and oil into the steak, add the appropriate amount of black pepper powder and peppercorn powder, and then add raw powder and mix thoroughly.

5. Finally, add sunflower oil and marinate for half an hour.

6. Start frying the steaks, and heat the pan. Pour a small amount of oil into the steaks and start frying.

7. Turn over every 15-20 seconds. Basically, the steak is cooked for 2 minutes.

8. According to steak, let’s eat!

It’s best to wait for 5 minutes before scheduling!

The nutritional value of steak The beef contains the elements required by the human body, which is the most abundant.

These include: protein, blood iron, vitamins, zinc, phosphorus and various amino acids.

The human body cannot absorb all the nutrients needed to metabolize food, but it is the most direct and fullest one absorbed from beef.

Moreover, the nutritional content of beef is very high. The human body needs 22 kinds of amino acids every day. More than half of the amino acids are made by the human body.Ingested from food.

Beef contains a balance of essential amino acids. The protein contained in food is broken down and used by small units of amino acids in the body. It must not be synthesized from the body and must be replenished from food.

Essential Amino Acids-Adults need 8 types, and children have 2 more types and 10 types. Another feature of beef is that it is rich in balanced nutritional amino acids.

Developmental children have a strong physique; older people’s digestive function is degraded, and their absorption capacity is reduced.

Beef is rich in iron, which is easily absorbed by the human body. It transports oxygen and energy to the body, all relying on the heme of red blood cells in the blood.

None of its components can be iron carbide.

There are two types of iron in food. Women who often lose weight are prone to anemia. It is important to prevent anemia for those who want to stay energetic.