[Can one year old baby eat mangosteen]_One year old baby_Can I eat

[Can one year old baby eat mangosteen]_One year old baby_Can I eat

Mangosteen is a particularly nutritious fruit, and the mangosteen contains a lot of nutrients. However, the price of mangosteen in the market is relatively expensive. When cutting mangosteen, you must choose to eat it fresh.People can fully absorb the nutritional value of mangosteen. Many mothers will let the baby eat some mangosteen when they add complementary food to the baby. Can a one-year-old baby eat mangosteen?

Mangosteen’s nutritional content is relatively high. Mangosteen is rich in water, fructose and cellulose, which can be eaten by babies.

However, because part of the mangosteen contains a nucleus, and the nucleus is relatively small, if the baby eats it himself, it may happen that the nucleus is swallowed into the stomach and even choked into the trachea.

If swallowed and stuck to the esophagus, discomfort such as nausea may occur, and if it is caught in the trachea, it may cause serious conditions such as suffocation.

So a 1-year-old baby can eat mangosteen, but it is best to remove the mangosteen shell and the seeds inside, cut the mangosteen meat into small pieces for the baby, or squeeze it into juice.

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Mangosteen’s flesh is cold, so eating mangosteen can moisturize and remove fire, and its rich nutritional value has a good conditioning effect on weak and malnourished babies.

Most people can eat mangosteen, including baby, of course, but because mangosteen is mixed with cellulose, it will absorb water and swell in the stomach. Eating more will cause constipation, so it should not be eaten more.

In addition, because mangosteen is cold and fleshy, babies with a debilitating constitution should also eat less. It is also important to avoid eating with other cold foods, such as soybean milk, bitter gourd, cabbage, and winter melon.

Mangosteen has a high sugar content. Obese babies should eat less because of high sugar content. Special attention should be paid to children with diabetes.

Mangosteen also contains high potassium, so babies with kidney disease and high blood pressure should also consume less.

The mangosteen’s ability to lower fire is too strong, so that people who love mangosteen dare not eat more. 2-3 feet per day. If you eat with durian with “King of Fruits”, it is the best partner.When it is hot, mangosteen can inhibit the warmth and heat of durian and protect the body from harm, but in order to avoid causing the burden on the baby’s stomach, don’t consume too much!