A three-stage diet with 14 pounds

A three-stage diet with 14 pounds

For many younger sisters, losing weight is their life’s task.

It is actually very simple to find an effective and fast weight loss method.

Xiaobian introduces a weight loss plan for everyone, letting you drop 14 pounds.


hzh {display: none; }  如果有份减肥食谱可以让你减去14磅,腰围则减少5英寸,是不是很有诱惑力?This is a unique weight loss recipe created by New York expert David Kirsch.

  It is based on a special food system (high protein, low glucose system) and physical exercise program. As long as you eat properly according to the recipe, it is usually a breeze.

  The treatment is divided into three phases.

  Stage 1: In the first two weeks, you can only eat low-starch, high-protein foods such as mushrooms, protein, salmon, peanuts, and vegetables.

Do not drink alcohol, eat dairy products, coffee, fruit and meat.

  The second stage: Eat the first stage of the recipe for another two weeks. The only difference is that you can eat an extra carbohydrate food such as beans, sweet potatoes, and so on.

At this stage you can absorb about 900 calories per day?

  Stage 3: At this stage you can start to supplement a small amount of food that is prohibited in the first stage, such as dairy products, fruits and a small amount of meat.

  Note: Exercise is essential for exercise in conjunction with weight loss diets.

You need to skip rope for forty-five minutes a day to mobilize every muscle tissue.

High protein recipes and physical exercise are the perfect combination of unfortunate burning, allowing you to have a perfect body shape in a short time.