Spring fitness can’t be less sunshine

Spring fitness can’t be less sunshine

Morning exercise has become an important choice for urban citizens to exercise, but the wrong morning exercise time may cause physical harm.

Experts remind that the outdoor morning exercise in the spring must have a “sunshine consciousness”. It is the healthiest when the sun comes out and then go out to exercise.

  Some people think that the air is “fresh” in the early morning, which is a misunderstanding.

Experts from the Chongqing Meteorological Bureau told reporters that before the spring sunrise, the inversion layer usually appears on the ground near the earth, causing the air to not spread. The discharge before dawn is generally the most serious air pollution in a day.

  At the same time, experts reminded that plant chlorophyll can only carry out photosynthesis with the participation of sunlight. If it is practiced before sunrise, the sunlight has not yet been irradiated onto the leaves, and there is no fresh oxygen in the vicinity of the plants that have not been photosynthesis overnight.The accumulation of carbon dioxide is not conducive to good health.

  Citizens need to have a “sunshine consciousness” when they go out to exercise. They choose to exercise after half an hour after the sun comes out. They can fully heat the body in a short period of time, avoid the coldness of the morning, and can receive ultraviolet rays from the sun for a certain period of time.The bacteria on the skin stimulate the hematopoietic function of the bones, improve the symptoms of anemia, and truly play the role of both.