Drink honey milk 1 hour before meals

Drink honey milk 1 hour before meals

When the weather turns cold, people with troubles in the stomach will get more. For people with bad stomachs, they can drink honey milk, but they need to drink honey milk in advance, about an hour before meals.

  Because, patients with hyperacidity or stomach, duodenal ulcer, inhaled honey milk 1 hour and a half before meals, can inhibit gastric acid secretion, but also reduce gastric acid levels, which is conducive to the healing of ulcers.

At the same time, note that after drinking honey milk, try to eat less cold food to avoid diarrhea.

  In addition to common cold fruits, such as pear, watermelon, grapefruit, mangosteen, carambola, etc., some vegetables and poultry, such as white, lily, tomato, alfalfa, lettuce, radish, duck, turtle, etc. are also cool food.

  Honey has the ability to absorb water from the air. The concentration of water absorbed by honey is reduced, which may cause deterioration of fermentation.

Containers containing honey should be tightly sealed to prevent air leakage and reduce contact with air.

The tools for taking honey should be washed and dried. After each feeding of honey, the container should be covered to prevent contamination of the honey.

  Since honey is a weakly acidic liquid that reacts chemically with metals, non-metallic containers such as ceramics and glass bottles should be used to store honey.

  Honey at 15?
When it is 18 ° C or less, it is generally crystallizable and becomes white or light yellow crystal, and honey is not deteriorated.