[Can beer cure constipation]_ dry stool _ how to treat

[Can beer cure constipation]_ dry stool _ how to treat

Beer is a very common type of alcohol in our lives. Many friends drink beer at regular parties to gather the atmosphere.

Beer actually has a certain effect on the human body to treat constipation, because proper alcohol can stimulate the body’s peristalsis, so that it can achieve a stool-promoting effect.

Drinking can treat constipation. According to related research, it is found that drinking a small amount of alcohol in general can stimulate people’s tandem peristalsis. This is the irritating usage of drinking.

This method is the same for some methods of treating the body. It is said that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol can treat constipation.

In addition to stimulating the nervous system, alcohol (alcohol) also has an alternative stimulus to inhalation, and it is obvious to stimulate bowel movements, especially when the amount of alcohol is blocked.

However, we must remind everyone that compared with drinking, if you get up in the morning and drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, then drinking a moderate amount of wine is better.

And there is another way to alleviate the symptoms of constipation. It is nothing to do abdominal massage, which can treat constipation.

“Drinking alcohol to relieve constipation is essentially an irritating method, just like drinking mannitol.

“Experts say that alcohol is an alcohol substance, which itself can stimulate the peristalsis of the downstream tract.

But drinking is not easy to control in volume, and there will be some duplication.

Relatively mild and irritating methods can be used, such as drinking a large glass of cold water on an empty stomach in the early morning, Gao Jian said, “In clinical practice, many people rely on this to solve the problem.

“There are also some highly osmotic foods, such as sweet sugar melon and lychee. Eating too much can also have diarrhea.

In addition, regular bowel movements and frequent abdominal massage are also two good constipation habits.

Therefore, when you encounter constipation, you can choose to drink a bit of alcohol or massage your belly, but you should not drink blindly. Blind drinking will only bring a great burden to your body.Optical fiber will not alleviate constipation, so it must be appropriate.