[How to eat freeze-dried matsutake]_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat freeze-dried matsutake]_How to eat_How to eat

The principle of making freeze-dried pine mushrooms is to freeze fresh pine mushrooms that are rich in a large amount of water in a low temperature environment, and then cut into thin slices to make dynamic foods, but everyone needs to pay attention to the processYou also need to observe the length, and whether there is no repeat or deterioration in nature, these are important in the production.

Matsutake freeze-dried tablets are produced by freezing fresh matsutake containing a large amount of water in a low temperature environment, and then sublimating the water in the matsutake from the ice crystal state under vacuum. The dry matter remains in the frozen state.In the ice shelf, there is very little loss of nutrients such as protein and microorganisms, so that lyophilized pine mushroom tablets can be prepared.

The whole process is using food freeze dryer equipment.

The development prospect of freeze-dried matsutake is very promising. It adopts the improvement of people’s requirements for quality of life. Some advanced edible mushrooms have slowly come to people’s tables. Matsutake, known as the “king of mushrooms”, is one of the pure natural rarePrecious edible fungi.

Comparatively speaking, the initial edible fungus industry has been in a rising stage of rapid development. The development of the industry has provided a huge impetus to the development of the upstream Matsutake industry and also provided a market space for the development of the Matsutake industry.

People are divided into different grades according to the length, freshness, shape, whether to open an umbrella, whether there are wormholes, broken conditions, and processing technology. Therefore, the prices are different. The average price of ordinary dried mushrooms is about 300 yuan per kilogram.
There are no fresh matsutake in other months, mainly lyophilized matsutake, and the price of lyophilized matsutake varies according to different grades, different processing processes, different manufacturers’ qualifications, etc., which costs nearly 10,000 yuan per kilogram.

It can be seen that there is a huge market for food freeze dryer equipment and freeze-dried dried mushrooms.