[Can beef and ginger be eaten together]_Food & Drink_Eating Taboo

[Can beef and ginger be eaten together]_Food & Drink_Eating Taboo

Beef and ginger can be eaten together. Ginger is mainly used to remove fishy smell. It can reduce the fishy smell of beef and can dissipate heat. Beef is rich in protein, but hot and humid. Adding ginger can just make up.

And beef and certain ingredients can not be eaten together, we can come to understand the content introduced below, avoid beef with these materials in the holy lake, so as not to affect the health of the body.

What can’t beef eat with?

1. Leek beef is one of the main meats consumed by Chinese people. Its sales volume is second only to pork. The title of beef is “the most proud of meat”.Under, below, eat more leek, it has the ability to strengthen the spleen and stomach, and is beneficial to liver function.

It stands to reason that these two foods eat together will have better results, but in fact it is not the case. Beef and chives will be poisoned at the same time.
3, Tianluo Tianluo meat is rich in vitamin A, protein, iron and calcium, which has a therapeutic effect on red eyes, jaundice, beriberi, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

However, Tianluo and beef are relatively difficult to digest and cause abdominal distension.

4, olive beef and olives with the same food will not poison, but will cause abdominal distension.

After about two hours, the former food is basically digested.

5. There is a record in the chestnut “Drinking to Eat” that “beef cannot eat with chestnuts.”

At the same time, some people have found that eating beef with chestnuts can cause vomiting.

The vitamins in chestnuts easily react with the trace elements in beef. If two are eaten together, the trace elements in beef will change the nutritional value of chestnuts, and the nutrition obtained will be greatly discounted. These two ingredients are eaten into the stomachAfter, it should not be digested and absorbed.

6. Ginger Ginger contains volatile oil, gingerol and other ingredients, has a special spicy flavor, and is often used as a seasoning for cooking.

However, beef should not be supplemented with ginger.

This is because ginger has a mild taste, and generally those who have yin deficiency and internal heat should not eat it.

If ginger is served with beef that is sweet and warm, it will definitely add fuel to the fire, which will heat up the body and cause a variety of heat pain syndromes.

Therefore, beef should not be served with ginger.

7, Baijiu liquor, beef at the same time is easy to get angry.

Because beef belongs to Gan Wen, qi is used to invigorate the fire, while white wine is a product of high temperature. When it is matched with beef, it is like pouring oil on the fire, which easily causes tooth inflammation.

8. Pork Pork and beef have not been eaten together for a long time. “Drinking to Eat” states: “Pork cannot be eaten with beef.”

This is mainly considered from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. First, from the perspective of the medicinal properties of traditional Chinese medicine, pork is sour, slightly cold, and has a nasty and cold nature, while beef has a sweet smell, which can replenish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the waist and feet, and provide safetyZhong Yi Qi Gong.

The two are warm and cold, the spleen and stomach are supplemented, and the cold and tired are empty.

Sexual taste is inconsistent, so it should not be eaten together.